Slow Flow Yoga Online with Sonia

Is Slow Flow Yoga a Good Fit for You?

If you are new to Slow Flow Yoga, you might be wondering if it’s the right style for you. I love practicing and teaching this class and I’d like to share the reasons why… 

But first, let’s be honest…we don’t practice yoga just to do yoga. We do yoga to take better care of ourselves so we can have more energy to do all the other things we love! If you agree, keep reading…

Cultivate Greater Awareness

­­This vinyasa (flowing with breath) style yoga allows you to connect your breathing to your movements and sets the stage for a practice where you can cultivate greater awareness of your mind and body as you flow through each pose. Awareness brings things to light and gives you a better understanding of yourself and what you need.  

Be More Mindful and Rewire Your Brain

Slowing down helps you not only be more mindful but also to rewire your brain. Alternating slow repetitive, sequences with novelty, while breathing calmly, sends a message of safety to your nervous system. 

The 3 Rs: Relief, Resilience and Revitalization

The easy pace allows you to integrate the wisdom of each posture and relieve stress. There’s a huge potential for transformationApproaching some of the more demanding postures with deep, flowing breath helps you build resilience. There’s room for challenge and space for relaxation, creating a balanced practice that leaves you feeling revitalized

Aligning with Strength and Flexibility

This slower pace also gives you more time to focus on alignment and reduces the risk of injury. Slow flows allow your muscles to warm up gradually, while holding poses longer improves both strength and flexibility

Hot Body and a Cool Head

Although the practice is slower than other vinyasa styles, you still engage your body, mind and breath in a rhythmic flow that will create some heat. And if you’re the type of person who has trouble staying focused during long-held postures, it can help you drop into a more meditative state.  

Space for Self-Exploration

I know that when I feel agitated or restless I need to move, rather than sit still and contemplate my mood. Slow flow offers a framework to explore how you feel and create a supportive relationship with yourself

A Practice that Evolves with You

It is by nature an adaptable practice that can flow and evolve with you. As a teacher, I offer posture variations to suit different needs and levels and especially encourage you to listen to what your body is telling you. It’s often an interesting story… 

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P.S. Online doesn’t mean impersonal and generic. If you would like to discuss this class or any of my other yoga and transformational coaching programs with me, please feel free to reach out. Here’s an invitation to book a discovery call with me. Just click this link to set up your free appointment.