Be Careful What You Believe In: A true story about finding your inner light and embodying joy

The story of your life is shaped by your beliefs. At Christmas, it seems easier to believe…perhaps it’s the magic of the season…or maybe it’s our resilient human nature to seek joy and light in times of darkness.

A Time to Believe

I remember…one dark December afternoon, while driving home, my youngest child asked me, “Mommy, do you believe in Santa?” I carefully considered my response and said to him,

“I believe that Santa is the spirit of Christmas.” I went on to explain, “The spirit of Christmas lives inside the heart of everyone who can see the goodness in other people and who want others to be happy. The spirit of Christmas is the joy that you feel that is so strong it feels like there’s a light shining inside of you. That light is your gift.

So, when you receive a present, it is a symbol of that light. It’s a celebration of your light by someone who holds the spirit of Christmas…like Santa.”

I could have just given him a more pragmatic response, considering that he was nine years-old at the time and I knew he was skeptical, but I didn’t. I knew he would get some very different answers from other people, so I wanted to be the one who kept the magic alive. Also, it is what I truly believe.

Keeping the tradition alive

My son and I have a special connection with Christmastime. I was born right before Christmas, so my first experience of life, home and family was that of the sights, smells and sounds of the holiday. My son was a Christmas conception, so he truly embodies it’s spirit. In fact, his middle name is Noel.

Both my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather were born on Christmas Day, so it has always carried a special significance for my family and me. Even though decades have passed since they were alive, I uphold the family tradition to light a red candle in memory of them at our Christmas dinner each year.

Something to believe in

I believe in celebrating life through all it’s phases. I believe in honouring the cycles of nature and leaning into their wisdom. I believe in the value of sharing our stories. I believe in listening to your intuition and to your heart. And… I believe in magic.

Believe in your intuition

Before sitting down to write this, I felt a nudge to draw a tarot card from my Angel Blessings deck to align my words with the greater good. So, I did. The angel who responded was Raziel, the angel of Knowledge. I’d like to share a passage from the wisdom of Raziel that stood out for me,

“Our beliefs can limit the flow of knowledge by creating rigid energy patterns which act as veils to filter out or criticize things that don’t conform to our beliefs. We thus deny truth and part of ourselves, and the ensuing conflict blocks inner hearing.”

The reading continues, “Raziel is deeply involved with us, bringing the knowledge we seek when we encounter certain mysteries on our spiritual path. These mysteries range from finding the cause of a personal illness or destructive behavior to having the desire to access and understand universal truths.” (Angel Blessings, cards of sacred guidance and inspiration by Kimberly Marooney.)

Shedding light on your beliefs

So, I take two things from this: First, don’t believe everything you think! Question your thoughts, or at least, be open to things you may not yet fully understand. Like a child who believes in Santa, there is a world of possibility and potential that is available to you. Don’t limit yourself to that which you perceive to be real. Maybe there is world to discover that is beyond your thought constructs or even your imagination. Have fun with it!

Second, everything we need is right here, right now. You don’t have to wait to find it under the Christmas tree. The answers we seek and the joys we long for are waiting for us to find our way to them. For that to happen we must examine our beliefs and see if they are serving us limiting us.

I like to play a little game with my thoughts called, ‘useful/not useful’. Does this thought support my intentions, my goals and who I want to be or not? If you discover that your beliefs are limiting you, then it may be time to shed some light on them and see where they come from. Sometimes we carry forward familial or cultural/societal beliefs that are outdated and never really belonged to us.

Our beliefs are our destiny

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”

In essence, our beliefs are our destiny. And, regardless of your personal beliefs, I believe that our collective destiny is to find the light within…especially in times of darkness.

A Time to Find your Inner Light

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, there is an experience this time of year that is common to us all.

The Winter Solstice is almost here and the longest night will soon be upon us. With the power of the sun fading since the autumnal equinox, we are experiencing shorter days and longer nights. Many of us feel sadness or lethargy without the nourishment of the sunlight and crave for this time to be over.

Believe in the wisdom of nature

I believe, there is a gift here. Light a candle on a sunny, summer’s day and you’ll barely notice the light it casts, but do the same in a pitch black room and be amazed at the power of that single flame. Darkness is simply the absence of light, but it is the ideal setting for us to appreciate and cultivate the light of our joy.

This dark season is a time of introspection, where we can take some time to reflect and tend the fires of our inner light. If you work with the energy of the solstice, you can develop your capacity to be still, to listen, to take stock and prepare for the new year.

A Time to Be Revitalized

The sun will soon be reborn into a new solar cycle and it is a great opportunity for you to adopt habits that will revitalize you and support your goals and your values.

The twinkly lights that adorn our homes, lift our spirits, but are also a symbol of this desire to keep our spark alive through the cold and darkness. The evergreen Christmas tree symbolizes strength, hope and renewal. The vivacious red of the holly, the poinsettia, and even Santa’s suit are symbols of joy and vitality. The angel or star that tops your Christmas tree is divine guidance.

At this time, the conditions are practically perfect for you to offer yourself the gift of self-knowledge and self-care. It is a time to be revitalized.

Your light is a priceless gift

When you invest in your health and wellbeing you are not only giving to yourself, but also to those you love. When you are in a good space mentally, emotionally and physically you can offer the best of yourself to others and inspire them to do the same. When you let your light shine you illuminate the way for others. That is a priceless gift.

Where there is light there are shadows

Part of self-love and care is also acknowledging the darkness in oneself…the shadow side. If your name ends up on the naughty list this year, know that that there is surely a strength, a quality, or a gift that you have yet to claim.

Our pains and limitations often come from those aspects of ourselves that haven’t reached our level of awareness or haven’t been brought to light.

A Time for Peace and Love

Taking a moment to meditate on how the ‘bad’ part of you has helped you survive the hard times in life might be a compassionate way to make peace with yours-elf. (Sorry, had to do it at least once!)

There are no bad parts…just things we have outgrown or no longer serve us. Perhaps, there is a Grinch inside us all that just needs to receive love and make a connection with true meaning or higher consciousness.

A Time for True Meaning

Our rituals and traditions have meaning and when we understand more about them, it enriches our experience and can help us to gain valuable self-knowledge and understand our relationship with culture and folklore. What stories did you grow up believing?

Your beliefs are your story

If our beliefs can manifest destiny, then it is important to choose them wisely because your destiny is your legacy. It is not only the quality of your life while you are living it, but it is also what you leave behind. Your legacy is the story people will tell of you after you are gone… like the story of St-Nicholas.

St-Nicholas was a bishop known for his good deeds and selfless acts of charity, particularly toward children and those who were suffering. St-Nicholas believed in a cause and his actions were in line with his values. He is the real person behind the legend of Santa Claus.

How you tell the story

You tell a story every day with who you are. Your body, your breath and your mind all tell a story. The look on your face, the way you hold yourself, what you radiate all speak and add to the character of your story. What you give, what you take, what you contain and what you share tell a story.

The magic of transformation

Indeed, a story can tell the tale of a lifetime, but it is written second by second, minute by minute. Over time, you weave together those minutes to create your story and in every moment there is the potential for alchemy…for magic.

Remember your physics cannot be created nor destroyed…just transformed. Your story can always take another turn or another twist by choosing to transform the energy around a belief, thought or action. You can create new habits to support your values.

You have the power to change your life…to rewrite your story. Aligning what you say and do every day with the essence of who you are and what you want others to carry forward is, in my opinion, the only way to tell a true story.

A Time for Self-Care

From now until the solstice,  I encourage you to set a little time aside every day to notice your beliefs, your thoughts and your habits. See what story they’re telling. Perhaps start a daily meditation practice to observe if in the stillness and the silence you hear the voice of your intuition or the calling of your heart. Start a meditation journal.

What story is your body telling? If you need to feel more vitality, try activating your inner fire by practicing a few rounds of sun salutations every morning. When you step outside into the crisp cool air, breathe deeply, with gratitude for life.

Care for a treat?

As you prepare for the holidays, remember to give yourself a treat by indulging in a good book or enjoying your favourite cup of spiced tea. Even, just having a moment for yourself to take a nice soak in the tub with some scented Epsom salts or a long nature walk at sunset can be wonderfully soothing and uplifting.

Spread the joy

I also encourage you to add a little magical mindset into your traditions and gift giving this Christmas. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Cheerfully decorate your home with objects that have meaning for you or your family.

    • Share your knowledge or your truth by telling a story or through your creative talents like drawing, crafting or song.

    • Start a new ritual that includes a solstice celebration.

    • Help someone in need.

    • Be present and mindful of all that you do and notice the magical effect is has on others.

Just Believe

Most importantly…BELIEVE! Believe in yourself and in the myriad possibilities contained in every moment. If that’s a stretch, then ask yourself what you believe in. Maybe, believe in something that you think is unbelievable and see where it takes you. Definitely, believe that you are loved.

Believe in abundance and have faith that everything you need is right here. Believe in all that brings you joy and know that your joy is your light and your light is your truth.

So, young or old…whether you believe in Santa or not… just believe that the spirit of Christmas believes in you.

Time to Make a Positive Change

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My heartfelt Christmas wish is that you embody joy! Namasté, or as we say, I salute the light in you.

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