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Slow Flow Yoga Online

$39.95 / Months For 3 Months and 7 Days free trial

  • Weekly Slow Flow Yoga class as a full 75 minute practice accompanied by a three segment format so you can practice even when you have less time. (The three segments are: Breathing & Yoga Warm-Up, Main Flow Sequence, Stretching & Relaxation)
  • Monthly yoga/wellness workshop
  • Access to a Q & A section for support through your practice

This is a vinyasa (flowing with breath) style yoga class that combines a variety of sequences inspired from Ashtanga, Classical Hatha and Yin Yoga and includes postures ranging from beginner to advanced intermediate. The sequences are done more slowly giving students a better opportunity to notice alignment, sensation and breath.

Accommodations and adaptations are made to suit the needs and level of each student in this well-rounded practice that incorporates poses to build flexibility, strength and balance, coupled with conscious breathwork and relaxation techniques. This class evolves with students, adding variations and novelty to foundational sequences and deepens the more familiar aspects by encouraging greater interoception (the perception of sensations from inside your body).

This yogic choreography where the breath holds the space to explore both challenge and rest, is great for building resilience.


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