Slow Flow Yoga Online


Slow Flow Yoga is a vinyasa (flowing with breath) style yoga class that combines a variety of sequences inspired from Ashtanga, Classical Hatha and Yin Yoga and includes postures ranging from beginner to advanced intermediate. 

'Breathe, Relax and Rejuvenate'
Gentle Yoga Online


During each class, we will practice breathing and guided relaxation/yoga nidra techniques as well as ‘gentle yoga’ stretches and postures that will help you develop your body and breath awareness as well as your ability to listen to your innate wisdom. Since this practice influences the nervous system and its communication with the brain, it serves as a gateway to making positive changes, not only in your physical and mental health, but in your relationship with yourself, your relationships with others and your ability to be resilient. So, it’s a great starting point
to support you in your personal transformation journey.