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Why Self-Care is Sexy: 7 Ways Self-Care Can Improve Your Relationships

How Self-Care Can Improve Your Relationships

Self-care is an act of self-love and is at the heart of improving your relationship with yourself and also your relationships with others.

When you take better care of yourself you can offer the best version of you to the people you cherish.

Self-care can take many forms, but an achievable daily practice that includes a nice variety of activities that nourish your mind, body and soul is the best way to offer yourself a little loving kindness.

As well, cultivating healthy relationships is part of emotional self-care and with Valentine’s Day just a kiss away, I thought I’d reveal why self-care is sexy too!

Get to know yourself.

Self-care practices like yoga, increase self-awareness and help you to get in touch with what you need to be healthy and feel balanced.

The better you know yourself, the better choices you’ll make in your relationship with yourself and others. It helps you to align with what and who you want and to eliminate what and who you don’t want.

When you live in the energy of your truth, you allow other people to do the same. You develop authentic relationships. That’s sexy.

Feel good about yourself.

Regular self-care leads to feeling more content with who you are. It helps you to elevate your emotions and be more comfortable with your body.

Somatic (body based) practices and mindfulness exercises increase your sensitivity to the pleasure of being alive and teach you to be okay with showing up just as you are. And, sticking to your routine will make you proud of your accomplishments. Confidence is sexy.

Invest in yourself.

By putting energy and attention into your health and well-being, you are showing your value. When you value yourself, so will others. When you invest in your self-care it sends a message out into the universe that says, “I am worthy. I am important.”

Your positive actions will attract the kind of people and situations that vibe with that frequency into your life. Magnetism is sexy.

Be more attractive.

Self-care techniques like walking, breathing exercises and yoga can help you to be more oxygenated, giving you more youthful, glowing skin. Regular exercise will result in a fitter body as well as flood you with mood boosting endorphins.

When you radiate health and wellbeing you are more attractive to others. Obviously…that’s sexy.

Increase your vitality.

When you regularly practice self-care, you will reduce stress and have more energy to pursue your passions and to be more dynamic and vivacious in a relationship. Super sexy!

When you prioritize your self-care, and offer yourself moments of relaxation, it helps increase longevity and reduce illness. So, time spent feeling vibrant will outweigh time spent coping, managing and fixing your physical, mental and emotional health.

That is precious energy that you are freeing up to be able to do things like have deep and meaningful relationships and to be there for the people who are important to you.

Reinvent yourself.

When you try new self-care practices like meditation, you actually start to rewire your brain and by doing that you also change who you are and how you relate to both your inside and your outside environment.

When you change, suddenly the world around you changes. What once seemed impossible you now can handle with ease. You become more resilient. You have the strength and mindset to approach new and existing relationships with a fresh perspective. Fresh is sexy!

Embrace adventure.

A consistent self-care ritual, even for a few minutes a day, is a gateway practice! It’s like a drug. The more you do, the better you feel and the more that you want to explore. It’s the beginning of a journey towards seeing where other techniques, practices and activities might take you.

 It may bring you to places where you meet interesting, soulful people who align with your values and purpose. (Yoga retreat in Bali, anyone?) You open yourself up to the adventure of life and to new experiences… and that is very sexy.

Be Ready for Love

At the heart of it all, self-care helps you to be ready for love. Like any relationship, making a commitment to your wellness and personal growth has many wonderful benefits but doesn’t come without it’s struggles.

 It’s a transformational journey that can open wounds we’d sometimes rather keep closed. It can bring to light aspects of ourselves that need healing. Where there is light there are shadows!

A true companion.

When life’s challenges arise it’s easy to become disheartened, but with a well-established self-care habit you have a true companion by your side. 

You can rely on yourself to provide the nourishment that you need… because you’ve done it before. You can trust that you will take good care of yourself… because you know how. You will be able to offer yourself love and understanding for all that you’ve experienced and all that you’ve become… because it has brought you this far.

As you deepen the relationship with self you come to embody compassion… self-love. And, when you can do that for yourself you open your heart space to be able to fully receive another person and love them without holding back…and that is so sexy.


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