21-Day Starter Challenge 4 Embodied Joy

About the course

The 21-Day Starter Challenge 4 Embodied Joy is a program created specifically to help you take the first step on your personal transformation journey.

If you are ready to make a positive change in your in your life…to take better care of yourself…to invest in your health & wellbeing, BUT you know you need some support to get started, then this program is for YOU!

For 21 consecutive days you will have access to a one to ten minute mission that will assist you in making self-care part of your daily routine. 

The missions cover a broad base of health, fitness and wellness topics and are designed to be easy to complete and fun, all the while giving you a chance to explore different aspects of yourself and to gain some valuable self-knowledge. 

The key to success is to be consistent and that is what this program helps you to do. 

What you'll get

  • Each of the 21 daily self-care missions includes an instructional video, downloadable exercise file inside an online course platform that you can do anywhere, anytime and as many times as you want.
  • There is also a Q & A section where you can contact me directly and support in the private, 21-Day Starter Challenge 4 Embodied Joy Facebook community.
  • And I know how easy it is to get off track, so I will also send you daily email reminders to motivate you to complete the challenge

A personal message from me to you...

I’m so excited that you’re interested in joining this challenge. But before you get started, I want you to tell you this…

I really want you to be successful! I want you to make a commitment to yourself to put yourself first. 

Yes, I said it! YOU are the only person who can truly take care of you, and anyone else in your life who loves you or depends on you will only benefit from you choosing to better yourself. This is a guilt-free zone.

Whatever you fill yourself up with will spill over to your circle of family, friends and co-workers. My kids don’t always listen to me…but I know they’re watching and sensing. Ya dig? 

And, I also want to be real with you…You probably aren’t going to radically transform your body or your life in 21 days, but you most certainly will have created a habit of daily self-care, gained greater self-awareness and tried some new things!

The few minutes that you carve out for your wellness practice every day will change who you are. Being consistent is the key. That’s why the daily missions in this program are short, easy and cover a broad range of health, wellness and mindfulness topics. That’s why I only want you to commit to 21 days! I want you to finish what you started! 😀

And…SPOILER ALERT…at the end of this 21-Day Starter Challenge you will, hopefully, have a better understanding of how self-care is intimately linked to being creative, pursuing your passions and embodying joy.

Are you ready to do this? Let’s get started!.